Photo : Visual Culture

Photo : Visual Culture


While shuffling through her father’s 60’s vinyl collection in the small town of Kaiapoi, New Zealand, Emily Browning grew up finding solace in multiple creative outlets. Music soon became the most expressive of those as she grew into a love of guitar, writing, and soul. 

During college she turned electric and began to experiment with sounds, strings and textures of the amplified variety - vocally and otherwise. Her ideas naturally transformed and now transcend her reserved persona. When she sings, there’s an exclusive invite within her voice that speaks a plethora of undisclosed emotion that one would not usually be exposed to in conversation.

Viral attention soon followed the public-release of this inherent sound as her music began to flourish on social media. Her online presence quickly exceeded a following of 100,000 and garnered strong international support, coaxing Emily to take her live set on the road, discovering major cities of the U.S as well as the depths of her home country.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Music Arts under her cap, Emily has since recorded and released her first single “Lover” (produced by Tree Theater), along with a live and original video series including “Cruel”,”Daydreaming” and “Nothing Wrong” collectively clocking over 200,000 views. 

Currently in the midst of recording her debut EP, and potentially embarking on a more permanent skip-hop-and-jump to the U.S, Emily is on the road to prove that 2018 is about to exceed the success of an already fast-blossoming creative career.